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Drive Thru Window

Repaired Window

SearchKing Offices

13601 Quite Cove

First Office - 13501 Quiet Cove, McLoud

2201 N Classen

2201 N Classen, OKC
2002 - 2003

900 NW 10th
900 NW 10th 900 NW 10th

900 NW 10th, OKC
2003 - 2005

2400 NW 23rd, OKC

Our Building at 2400 NW 23rd, OKC


2, Shivalik Bungalows

I really love this bungalow. It is very quiet and a lot better work space than the office building that was on the 8th floor. The elevator ride up was an experience. This is alot larger and we don't have to take the rickshaws to work every morning. We have a great balcony and not far from AnandNagar road where you can catch a rickshaw very easy. Reasa helped us find this bungalow.

Shivalik South Side
The bungalow faces east and this is the South Side of the Bungalow.
Shivalik Front

This is monsoon season and I expected the rain all day everyday. I think they are saying that it is quite dry this year. The weather has been really great. We have had a couple of rainy days. Most of the days are cloudy so that keeps the heat down. It is very humid and you will sweat.


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