August 26th, 2008

The masons - a couple of good old boys named Chuck and D.J. (father and son) - are here for the next several days to repair the wall downstairs, and right now I can barely hear myself think. The good news is that once they finish taking out the old brick the noise level will drop considerably.

We had some concern about securing the building, but we have worked it out. He will repair the concrete block first so we will have at least that much protection. I will lock the inside doors of the rooms that have things in them to at least slow down would-be Bad Boys. I have called the OCPD and asked them to check periodically through the night, which they agreed to do. I will also visit with the Cox security people across the street. I don't know if they have overnight security there, but it couldn't hurt.

Sept 9th, 2008

repaired window 1
How did that truck make it up that 11" sidewalk? Must have been flying!

repaired window 2
Window is in!

repaired window 3

repaired window 4

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