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<!-...-> - Author comments not seen by the browser.

<HTML>...</HTML> - Always start and end your page using this tag.

<HEAD>...</HEAD> - Header for document.

<BODY>...</BODY> - Body of document.

<TITLE>...</TITLE> - Title of the document.

<H1>...</H1> - Smallest heading size.

- Small heading size.

- Medium-small heading size.

- Medium-big heading size.

- Large heading size.

- Largest heading size.

- Starts a hypertext link.

<ADDRESS>...</ADDRESS> - Information on author.

<BLOCKQUOTE>...</BLOCKQUOTE> - Long quotes.

<PRE>...</PRE> - Preformatted Text.

<FORM>...</FORM> - Form Block.

<TEXTAREA>...</TEXTAREA> - Creates a box to enter text.

<SELECT>...</SELECT> - Creates a scrolling menu.

<OPTION>...</OPTION> - Creates items to select.

<DIR>...</DIR> - Directory list.

<OL>...</OL> - Ordered list.
Example of an ordered list:

  1. red
  2. blue
  3. green

<UL>...</UL> - Unordered list.
Example of an unordered list:

  • red
  • blue
  • green

<MENU>...</MENU> - Menu list.

<DL>...</DL> - Glossary list.

<CITE>...</CITE> - Citation.

<CODE>...</CODE> - Code font.

<DFN>...</DFN> - Defined term.

<EM>...</EM> - Emphasis.
Example of emphasis on red:
red, blue, green

<I>...</I> - Italic.
Example of italic:
red, blue, green

<KBD>...</KBD> - Keyboard text.

<SAMP>...</SAMP> - Sample text.

<STRONG>...</STRONG> - Strong emphasis.
Example of strong emphasis:
red, blue, green

<TT>...</TT> - Typewriter text.

<VAR>...</VAR> - Variable.

<B>...</B> - Bold.

<BASE> - Location reference for other URL's.

<NEXTID> - Allows documents to be linked together.

<META> - Describes document.

<BR> - Line break.

<HR> - Horizontal line.

<IMG> - Image.

<P> - Paragraph.

<LI> - List item.

<DT> - Marks a term in a list.

<DD> - Marks the definition in the list.

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