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What We Believe

Worlds Cheapest Webhost's journey began in 1996 and quickly became a leader in the field of building websites. It has remained a leader ever since. We attribute this remarkable longevity to our core values. It's our belief system that guides the way we conduct our lives as well as our business. It is what determines the way we make decisions as how to deal with our customers, our co-workers, our vendors, our investors and even our families and the communities we live in.

1. We believe in honesty and transparency in all our dealings.    

2. We believe technology exists to serve mankind and not the other way around

3. We believe the world is a wonderful place and there is hope for tomorrow

4. We believe it's important to work hard to give our children the things we did not have but we believe it's just as important to remember to give them the things we did.

5. We believe there is a good reason to market your business

6. We believe these things will tear down the entire social exsistence. War, hate, prejudice, poverty, oppression, corruption, being alone and being afraid. lying, stealing, cheating, not keeping your word.

7. We believe in these things . Advertising, Open source, the right to privacy, hope, freedom, orderly traffic, self respect.

8. We believe you cannot force another to respect you but you certainly have the right to NOT give your money to those who don't!

9. We believe we can NOT fail. We can only choose to give up

10. We believe the only time you should smoke is when you are on fire

11. We believe if we have done poorly you should tell us. If we have done well you should tell Everyone

12. We believe the least human has far more value than the most software

13. We believe in doing the most good for the most people always

14. We believe in the Internet Golden Rule. The More You Give - The More You Get

15. We believe our clients deserve a larger share of the market because we are the best at what we do

16. We believe many of our competitors are quality professionals but choosing them over us is a mistake and a blow to your true marketing potential.

Finally, we live everyday guided by the DO PHILOSOPHY and we believe anyone who chooses not to follow a similar approach is settling for a less quality life than they need to.

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