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Structure of Starting a Website.

  • Domain Name Choosing a perfect domain name
    • You have to decide on a name of your Website.
    • Pick something that will instantly tell the web surfer what your site is about. When a customer/client goes to Bing, Google or Yahoo and types in a keyword in the search bar, you want your website to come up first. Your URL is a big part of that search.
    • example: http://www.yourdomainname.com
  • Server to host your Domain
    • Just like choosing a building for a business, you have to have someplace to host your domain.
    • this will provide you eMail for your domain
    • example: name@yourdomainname.com
    • There will be a monthly charge to host your domain on the server
  • Building your webpage.
    • There will be a one time charge for someone to build your website. Ranging from $2,400 to $5,000, depending on amount of pages that are involved in the website.
    • Basic website should have 5 pages: index, product, contact, history, and sitemap.
    • $50.00 per each additional 5 pages
    • There will be additional charges for updates and changes.
    • $20.00 setup fee for each additional eMail account.

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